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There are many reasons why progress towards improving our way of life is closely linked to the use and exploitation of technology in this respect. By applying it to our routines, we can increase the quality of our daily lives. This is what makes the difference at SANICOOL, above all in the current context of the coronavirus pandemic in which society’s priority is to turn towards healthier and safer habits for our health, which requires technological applications in the short and medium term. That is why today we are introducing you to SANICOOL’s HAC technology, in other words: Healthy Air Clean

The system is not unique, but rather one of several technologies that SANICOOL uses for its air purification system, a system that is lethal to viruses and bacteria including Covid-19, or SARS-CoV-2, as confirmed by the Ministry of Health, Consumer Affairs and Social Welfare and the European Commission.

HAC technology is a filter system that traps 99.97% of PM10 and PM2.5 pollutant particles, as well as viruses, mites, mould, dust, allergens, pollen, bacteria, cigarette smoke, asbestos, various toxic dusts and airborne aerosols, dandruff and hair allergens from dogs or cats. This means unbeatable efficiency in creating a safe environment with clean air to breathe.

It is also a technology that traps pollutants in a healthy way, without emitting ozone gas, and thus destroys them without leaving traces of harmful chemicals.

Now more than ever it is vitally important to have the peace of mind that the air we breathe, whether in our home, our work environment, or any other shared private space, is absolutely safe. Thanks to HAC technology, SANICOOL not only traps these contaminating agents, but its non-harmful way of doing so leaves air clean of impurities and particles in the air, purifying an environment that we now greatly value.

It works first by means of a pre-filter that captures the largest particles, which are visible to the human eye, such as pet hair or our own hair, as well as the dirt that dust leaves on the floor or furniture. The activated carbon filter then takes care of the harmful gases such as formaldehyde, toluene, volatile organic compounds, etc., and finally the HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Absorption) forms a flat curtain for the airflow, where the aforementioned 99.97% of the tiniest particles are retained, which include fine dust, pollen, allergens, bacteria and viruses.

This is how SANICOOL comes into our lives at the most opportune moment, when we most need to feel comfortable and safe in the places where we spend most time. Thanks to HAC technology, it is possible to live in tranquillity when uncertainty seems to reign over the planet.

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